· Please allow your piercing to heal before attempting to change your jewelry.
· Leave in your jewelry throughout the entire healing period.
· We offer jewelry changes to any piercing (done by ourselves or not) for a $5.00 fee.

Steps to a Successful Piercing:
· Clean your piercing 3-5 times a day with the aftercare recommended by your piercer.
· Do not touch your piercing with “dirty” hands or let others touch your piercing.
· Do not use Alcohol, Peroxide or Bactine on your piercing. This can result in dryness and “crusting” of your new piercing.
· Do not twist or pull on your piercing during the healing process as this can disrupt any healing tissue.
· Do not use Q-tips or Cotton Balls to clean your new piercing as this can result in a “piercing pimple” (a clean finger is recommended)

What is Normal for a healing piercing:
· Redness
· Tenderness
· Swelling
· Excretion of Blood Plasma

If you notice any yellow/green discharge or red streaking surrounding the area of your new piercing, as well as any fever or loss of function in the region please see a doctor right away.

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