Oceana Keys grew up in central Ohio. 
Her passion for skin care led her to pursue a career in esthetics in 2019. 
She is dedicated to offering support, education, and giving clients a positive experience with every service. 
Her love for esthetics continues to grow because of all the unique and incredible people she meets along her journey. 
Oceana customizes every treatment in order to focus on each individual's specific concerns and goals. Every client is different therefore so is every treatment. 
She offers many services including,
Personalized facials 
Nano infusion
Back treatments
Body treatments 
And many more to come!
Spa Services 

Skin Treatments: Targeting cleansers, relaxing steam, cozy hot towels, exfoliators, serums, masks, and moisturizers/spf.
*All massages are not for curing or medical/ muscle relief, for relaxation purposes only*

Signature Facials 30/ 60/ 90 Minutes $50 / $85 / $110 All Skin types! 
Need a skin reset? Support in finding the right skin care routine. Aging, dry, oily, sensitive, concerns? Regardless of skin type/ concern, there are specific products chosen to achieve your goals. 
60 min. includes a physical & chemical exfoliator, extractions (if needed), face massage & hand massage!
90 min.  includes everything listed above and longer physical & chemical exfoliation process, face, neck, shoulder & hand massage!

Nano Infusion Facial (60 min) $130  
Gentle Non-Invasive alternative to microneedling by creating tiny channels in the skin to promote product absorption and efficacy! Instant treatment to address specific concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring & texture. Along with all the benefits of the signature facials!
 No recovery time needed! 

Dermaplaning Facial (30 min / 60min) $55 / $90
Non-invasive form of manual exfoliation treatment. This will leave the skin feeling smooth and happy. Brightens skin tone, improves texture, allow for higher level of product absorption/efficacy, and more!

Deep pore cleanse (Add On) $15
Clogged pores? Don't Use a pore strip! Add this! 

Aromatherapy (Add On) $10
Rosemary, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and/or Lemongrass

Scalp Massage (Add On) $15

Back Treatment 60 / 90 minutes $45 / $85 
60 min. Includes deep Cleanse w/ steam exfoliation, hot towels, extractions (if needed), masking, moisturizing! 
90 min. Includes everything above as well as a chemical and physical exfoliation process, butter balm and cream applied in extended back massage. 

Body Treatment 60 / 90 minutes $115 / $165 
To treat the body-
 60 min - Includes: Deep cleanse/ exfoliation, body balm and body butter applied in massage like movements to arms, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet. 
90 min. Includes the above listed as well as: scalp massage, and mini facial! 


Eyebrows $15

Nose $10  

Upper Lip $10

Chin $15

Underarms $25

Arm - Half / Full $30 / $55

Leg - Half / Full $40 / $90 
If the desired wax is not listed, please call! 


Lash Lift $40
Lash Tint $40
Lash Tint & Lift $55

Add Ons: Brow tint $10
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